One of the great secrets of Ann Arbor housing market are the condos in Pittsfield Village (see the main story). Here are some statistics that compare The Village to the rest of the Ann Arbor condos.

All Ann Arbor Condos

Number of Ann Arbor condos
sold in 2017


Price range of Ann Arbor


Average price of Ann Arbor


Sold in fewer than 30 days

78 percent

Pittsfield Village Condos

Number sold in 2017


Price range of those sold


Sold in fewer than 30 days

95 percent

Sold in 2018 (as of 3/16/18)

1 ($145,000)

Units under contract:

2826 Whitewood St

Ann Arbor, Michigan

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If you're searching for an affordable first—or perhaps retirement—home, contact me. Our team keeps a very close eye on all the housing in the area, and especially these very popular and quick-selling homes. The Linda Lom Team can put you on the list and let you know immediately when there's a Pittsfield condo for sale. 

Units currently on the market:

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